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How can I make my Journi private/secret?

We want you to choose if your Journi should be an inspiration for others, a private family album, or a secret Journi about yourself! Choose between three different cases of privacy:

Your Journi is public and visible for everyone, inspire others and share your unique moments with the community❤️

Set your Journi to private and invite those you really want to share your Journi with like close family or friends. Others can see the Journi card but are not able to preview the single moments, they can send you a request to follow but you decide if you want that.😉

A secret Journi is invisible for everyone, only you can see it! If you invite a Collaborator or Follower, they have access to the Journi but others don't even know that there is a secret one.🤫

When creating a new Journi we automatically set your Journi to secret. 

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