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How can I start a Journi with Friends and Family?

You can add as many Collaborators as you wish, everyone can add moments and texts at the same time!

iOS & Android

  1. Create a new Journi or go to one of your exiting ones
  2. Click on "..." button under the cover to enter your Journi's settings
  3. Click on the "+" button underneath "Add Followers & Collaborators"
  4. Choose either a user from Journi, your address book, generate a sharing link or share a link via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Text Message, iMessage or Email (Please be aware that inviting someone with a link will make the person a follower in first place, you may change the rights from reading to editing later)
  5. Next to each person you will find the access rights of this user: "can view" or "can edit". For each user that should become a collaborator set the rights to "can edit"
  6. Done! 

Accept a Collaboration:

  • Click on Notifications in the main bar
  • Go to Requests
  • Accept to collaborate
  • Done! 

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