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How can I connect with friends?

Journi is a big community and a great place to find new friends and discover new things with the old ones. It is very easy to find your loved ones and to share your Journis with them.

ExploreIn the explore tab you can type in any name of your friends in the search bar and find them easily.

ProfileOn your profile you can find people you are already following. Click on Following and at the bottom you will find a button to Follow Friends. You can also see your followers here.

InviteYou miss your friends here? Simply invite them via Facebook, mail or messenger. 

Keep in mind that your followers will not necessarily see your Journis, depending on your privacy settings, which can be public, private or secure. If you want to invite them to see and follow a specific Journi of yours, add them as followers in the Journi, as described here.

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