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How to backup my Journi?

Backup your Journi to different cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive

  • On your profile, go to the settings 
  • Click on "Backup"
  • Log into your Cloud Service account

The Backup only works for Journi Premium Members!

On Default Dropbox & Drive are disabled, once you enable it, you can log into your Dropbox/Drive account, allow journi and then all your Journis will be automatically synced. 

Attention: Please be aware that synchronization is depending on a good internet connection. It may take up to 30min or longer that first results show in your Dropbox/Drive. 

This is how your synced Journis will appear on the screen. You can then enable/ disable whichever ones you want to backup. The same folders will then be in your Dropbox/Drive account, with single photo files and one combined text file per Journi.

I can't see any files in my Dropbox/Drive? 

1. Please make sure you granted Journi access

2. Please check if your Dropbox/Drive has enough space left

3. Please check if you have a good internet connection

4. Please wait up to 30min for first results

Choose files or drag and drop files
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