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How to import photos from my camera or computer?

You have some of your photos only on your Computer?
No problem, you can still create a Journi out of them. 

We are working on a web version of our app, but in the meanwhile please use one of the following tricks:

With Apple AirDrop (for Apple Devices)

  • On your Mac, go to "Finder" > Airdrop
    (make sure that your WiFi and bluetooth connection is active)
  • Switch Airdrop settings to „visible for everyone” and activate Airdrop on your iPhone in the Control Center. Your iPhone should be visible on your Mac now. Here is more help from Apple Help Center.
  • Drag and drop the photos you want into the airdrop window and accept the transfer on your iPhone.
  • Now you can select these photos inside Journi

Via USB cable (for Android Devices)

  • Plug your phone into your computer using a USB cable.
    As soon as your PC recognizes your phone, you can access a photo folder. We recommend using "Android File Transfer". Here is more help from Android Help Center.
  • Drag your photos into the image folder 
  • Now you can select these photos inside Journi

With your WiFi camera

If your camera supports WiFi, you are lucky

  • Connect your phone with your Wifi Camera - check the instructions of your camera for that (varies depending on brand and camera model)
  • Import your photos to your phone
  • Now you can select these photos inside Journi

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Reinoud Keesmaat

    Ehhh, en windows dan?

  2. Lina Uhlig

    Bitte bleibt dran, an der Webversion. Dann könnte ich endlich so damit arbeiten wie ich es mir wünsche! Könnt ihr sagen wie lang es noch dauert, bis wir in den Genuss kommen können?

    @Lina danke für dein Kommentar. Die Webversion von Journi Print ist gerade in der Entwicklung und sollte ab ca. November/Dezember verfügbar sein ;)