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What can I customize in my photo book?

After starting the photo book process and choosing your shape, you will see the first draft of your book. You can choose to order it like that, then simply hit "Next". If you want to personalize your book a bit, click on the pen-symbol  saying "Customize your Book". Now you can customize:

Your Book Cover
We automatically choose the most liked pictures for your cover, but you can still change them of course. 

  • "Select Photos": To change/deselect photos for your covers
  • "Shuffle Position": If you just don't like their placement you can simply shuffle them as often as you want. 
  • "Change Title": Change the title appearing on your book cover, this won't affect your journi title!

Add a personal Inscription
Share some thoughts or write some personal words for you as a memory or gift a photo book to your loved ones.

Your Content
Here you choose which content to hide/show in your book. All listed items you can either select or deselect. For information what it means and how the content looks like, please press the small "i" on each side of the content.

Your Text in the Book
Here you can change font & alignment of the text in your book.

Your full-page Favorites
Here you can choose the photos out of your journi which you want to be printed on a whole page in your book. If the photo doesn't have the minimum resolution, we will inform you with an error message. You can still proceed printing your book, but note that the quality of the photos might be very low. 

Hide and Shuffle Elements in the Book!
You can easily hide single Elements like stickers, weather and even texts and dates. Simply click on the side of the book you want to change and click on shuffle to change the sequence of the page or hide if you want to make elements invisible.

Sizes and formats
There are 4 different versions in terms of sizes and formats you can choose from for your photo book:

- Square 21x21
- Landscape small 21x15
- Landscape A4 30x21
- Portrait A4 21x30

All four of them come in two different versions, either the hard- or the soft-cover.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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