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What happens to my photos if I cancel my subscription?

Will my photos be deleted?

No, your photos will not be deleted. And they will also stay in premium quality for up to 1 year. But that's a right we reserve ourselves to change in the future. After 1 year your photos will be reduced to 2 megapixel resolution in order to save storage and costs.

Why are we doing this?

Please note, that it's common practice for most popular apps, to reduce the resolution after you cancel a subscription. We are already giving our customers more by leaving this high resolution pictures, that they uploaded during the premium membership, the year after.

Afterwards we need to reduce the resolution because full-size photos have a large file size and need both longer for upload and more storage space. For both data transfer and data storage Journi has to carry the costs. In order to reduce these costs we reduce the file-size, unless the user is upgrading to premium to take over part of the costs.

Nevertheless Journi's 2MP standard resolution is 4-times larger than your photos on other popular social media apps. Hence you can still use them for print. But to guarantee the best print quality, especially on our big photo book sizes, we always recommend users to become premium.

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