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Why should I get Journi Premium?

Get full access to all Journi features by becoming a premium member. Additionally to all free features, Journi Premium: 

  • 10% on all print products with our yearly plan
  • Works offline
  • Stores highest photo quality
  • Allows you to export data to Dropbox & Google Drive
  • Is ad free & more

  Upload photos in premium quality
You can upload your photos in the best quality. This allows you to print your Journis in any of our available photo book sizes (especially the large ones).

  1TB to save your data
We reserve 1TB for the data (photos, text, location information, etc.) of your Journis in the Journi cloud.

  Get 10% off all photo books
If you subscribe to our yearly premium plan you will get 10% off on all your photo book orders.

  Export to Dropbox & Google Drive
You want to export your photos or texts to further use your data, or want to save an additional copy of your data? Then just connect Dropbox and/or Google Drive and select the Journis you want to export. Journi will do the rest. Please note: The export can take up to 30min or longer depending on your Internet connection. If there's no space on your Dropbox or Google Drive left, Journi cannot export your data, but will keep on trying.

  Get priority support
Your questions, feedback or issues are prioritized by our customer service. Get an answer within 24 hours. 

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  1. Holger

    Für die dauerhaften 10% Rabatt lohnt es sich nicht, da kann man besser auf eine Rabbataktion warten, das lohnt sich mehr.  Wenn man die Jahresmitgliedschaft hat dann sind diese Rabbattaktionen ja nicht mehr kombierbar.