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How can I use the Drop-it feature?

Sometimes it can be really a struggle to get pictures from your computer to your mobile phone. Or you want your friends' pictures in your photo book, but they send it over WhatsApp so the quality of the pictures suffers. It's just such a hassle!
That's what we thought too! So we wanted to make it easy for you. 😌

  • Already in the first step of creating your Journi product you can select the pictures that you want in your book. You get several options for different sources and one of them is our amazing Drop-it feature.
  • Now the only thing you need to do is click on the link to share it with your friends or yourself. 😉 
  • Once the link gets opened in a browser they can drag and drop their pictures there. When completely uploaded they appear on your phone on the same screen where the link was before - ready to be selected for your new Journi Print product.😍
    If they don't appear immediately just close the tab on your phone and start again by getting to the different source options. The pictures should be there now. 🤓

So simple, so fast, so Journi! ❤️

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