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When do I get a printed spine?

When standing on your book shelf, your Journi photo books look best when having a printed spine - so you can easily and quickly differentiate which of your photo books is which. 

Even though the spine will always display printed in the preview, due to production reasons, one point has to be fulfilled, in order for us to be able to print the title of your photo book on its spine.

  1. Hard Cover Books - they always come with a printed spine. So you don't have to worry at all if you chose this style for your photo book. 
  2. Soft Cover Books - if you choose this style of the photo book, make sure that it has at least 51 pages if you want to get a printed spine. When having less than 51 pages, the spine cannot get printed, due to production reasons.

Anyway, with or without a printed spine, don't judge a book by its cover... and spine - it's the memories and adventures being inside of it, which matter most ❤️🌅

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