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How to access photos from shared albums?

Currently, it is not possible to directly add photos from shared albums such as iCloud or Facebook.

But no worries - in the following we explain you, how you can still manage to include photos from these sources into your Journi: 

iCloud shared albums: 

  1. Go to the shared album and click on a photo that you want to include in your Journi 
  2. Click on the share icon in the bottom left corner and select all pictures you want to upload by swiping to the left/right. 
  3. If you swipe to the right in the applications row and click on Journi, you can then directly post the selected pictures in any of your Journis and can even add a text. 

If you first want to edit the pictures or have a closer look at them, you can also simply save them on your phone and then regularly upload them. 

To do so, follow steps 1. & 2. 

Then, swipe to the right in the actions row  and click on save images. 

You then find the image(s) in your regular photo library under all photos. 


If you want to include pictures that you were simply tagged in or that were posted in shared albums by other people, you need to download them onto your device. 

  1. Click on the picture that you want to include. 
  2. Click on the icon in the top right corner (three dots) or click directly on the picture for 2-3 seconds. 
  3. Choose save image from the options list. 

You then find the image(s) in your regular photo library under all photos. 

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