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How to log in on an iOS device with a Google Account

You might have both, an Android and an iOS device, on which you like to use Journi. On Android devices there is the option of login to Journi with your Google account, this option doesn't exist on the iOS version 🍎✖️

In order to log in on your Google-account-based Journi profile on an iOS device, it is not possible to simply log in with your Google password, as this is not the password of your Journi account - in fact, you don't even have a Journi password at this point. So what you have to do in this case, is click on Log In and then press Forgot Password. With this process, a password will be sent to you via mail, with which you can then normally log in with your Google email address 💪🏻

It might sound a bit confusing at first, but following this procedure, you will find out that it is actually quite easy 🤓

Once in your profile, you can of course go to Settings and change the password to one that you can remember more easily at every time 😊

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