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How to move a whole page or element in my photo book from one page to another?

You don't have to know where you want to have your pictures or texts or other moments straight away. 

Maybe you like a picture better on one page in the beginning, but then want to move it to another? No problem! We all change our opinions sometimes 😉At Journi you have multiple ways to do so:

Move/Exclude an element - Option 1

So if you want to move an element in your photo book from one page to another, this is how you do it:

1) Go to your photo book preview
2) Click on the element you want to move
3) Click on Exclude
4) Go to the page you want to add the photo
5) Click on the excluded elements and include them from there

💡This way you can also just exclude a photo you initially didn't want in your photo book. Not that difficult, right?

Move an element - Option 2

This is another way how you can move even multiple elements at a time:

  1. Click on an element until it turns blue - you can choose as many as you like, even from multiple pages.
  2. Now go to the page where you want to move all of those elements to.
  3. Click the Button „Insert here“ 

Drag & Drop your pictures

You can also Drag & Drop pictures across pages or switch them with another picture on the same page (as long as they have roughly the same ratios).

Just press on the picture and hold. Now you can move it to another page (1. + 2. screenshot) or switch it with a picture on the same page (3. + 4. screenshot) 😊 

Move whole pages

And for the big changes, you can also move whole pages. This can be done effortlessly, also using Drag & Drop 🥳

1) Click the "Move" button. 🔁

2) Hold down a page and drag it somewhere else.

3) The other pages will then automatically adjust and move depending on where you drag your page. Now just drop it and check out if you like the new location of the page better  🙌🏻

4) Now click on “Done Rearranging” and enjoy your new layout 😍

💡Moving the pages will not change the layout of the individual pages, only their order. So you can move everything according to your wishes, even after you have already adjusted the layout on the pages. 

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